JM Gardner III

JMGardner III

Photography has long been a passion of mine.  In the beginning, it was expensive.  The costs of film, developing, printing, darkroom supplies, enlargers, chemicals, paper, the list went on and on . . .  The expense was simply too much. 

Some years later, a two week trip into Mexico provided my first income from my images, as I sold a few shots for jigsaw puzzles and a few for  postcards.  This allowed me to buy a new camera, and I won a Caribbean sea cruise  to get the juices flowing again.  However,  my brand new camera was stolen before the ship could even leave port.  After that, there was a long break in my shooting.

Digital cameras sparked a new interest, in spite of the poor quality of the early cameras, they gave you the freedom to take as many shots as you wanted at no more cost than batteries, anytime, anywhere.

Today's cameras allow for very high quality imagery and with today's software, you can enjoy photography without the continual expenses.

I hope you enjoy viewing some of the images I've managed to capture during the last few years.

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